Posted time 20th November 2023 Location Angola Job type Full-time
  • Experience: 8 years experience as an Exploration Geologist
  • Salary: US$ negotiable

An well known international mining company is looking for a Senior Geologist to be based in Angola. Geoscientist and key member of the Angola exploration team, collaborating to safely drive a balanced portfolio of superior value opportunities towards discovery. This role forms a key function of the exploration team, fostering the team’s technical excellence, ensuring a Zero Harm culture, and adherence to SHEC requirements and company values

The Duties & Responsibilities includes

Safety, Health, Environment & Community (SHEC)

  • Act as a role model and reinforce a workplace culture where SHEC is paramount. Accountable and committed, with consistent application of SHEC principles and protocols in all programs of work. Taking personal responsibility for oneself and others to ensure zero harm, elimination of fatalities and maintenance of social license to operate.
  • Ensure all activities are conducted according to the Discovery SHE Way and Social Way (see below).

Performance & Delivery

  • Working as a key member of the Angola Discovery team, support the progression of quality opportunities through a balanced discovery portfolio. This includes responsibilities as a leader of a group of geoscientists that will be driving within the following key pillars:
    • Excellence in Geoscience: Pursue excellence and innovation in effective exploration of sediment-hosted Cu and magmatic Ni systems via application of a strategic and systematic mineral systems approach. Participate in the planning and execution of discovery programmes and preparation of technical proposals and progress reports. Integrate and analyse multi-disciplinary datasets in multiple dimensions at appropriate scales, delivering synoptic and practical recommendations.
    • Project Generation & Strategy: Identify and evaluate possible new opportunities at different exploration scales and stages, applying both technical and commercial / business approaches. Support the development, classification, and prioritization of the portfolio of opportunities, including critical input into strategic planning and tactics development.

Data: Collaborate in the development and continuous improvement of the management of multidisciplinary geoscientific data. Participate in effective data compilation, generation, integration.

    • and interpretation; and selection and application of appropriate exploration tools.
    • Evaluating & Testing: Lead the planning and executing of field evaluation and testing of programmes. This includes collaboration across the SHEC, data, logistical and administrative parts of the team on a wide range of themes including contractor management and permitting. Participate in practical application of multi-disciplinary geoscience skills, driving for appropriate data relevance, resolution and quality. Promote the delivery of projects through collaboration with the Discovery Manager.
  • Ensure the professional development of their direct reports, defining clear performance and development objectives.
  • Execute designated project components to plan and within budget.

Sustainability & Social

  • Support delivery of sustainable activities and implementation of GDG Social Way 3.0.
  • Lead by example, with attitude and conduct that pursues the highest standards of sustainable and socially acceptable exploration.
  • Support delivery of the sustainability activities as relevant to the work programs to ensure leading practice is employed and social licenses are maintained.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental and social requirements as relevant to discipline, including commitments to stakeholders.
  • Participate in processes that build relationships with key local stakeholders.

People & Teams

  • Actively contribute to the purpose-led, high-performing culture that is aligned with the company values, is inclusive and promotes diversity and an environment in which each person has the opportunity to reach their potential.
    • Become a role model and actively engage as a team member in all team processes. Contribute to a coordinated operational effort.
    • Set clear and consistent expectations, encourage team members to challenge the status quo and strive for improvements.
  • Drive excellence and innovation in exploration in sediment-hosted Cu and magmatic Ni mineral systems: develop a local, regional (and global) support network including collaborating with geoscientific technical experts in-house and externally; multiply new and existing skills and experience within the local (and regional) team. Pursue two-way mentoring and learning with exploration team members. Foster a culture of open communication, respect and inclusion.
  • Ensure the professional development of any direct reports, defining clear performance and development objectives.
  • Collaborate in the development and improvement of multidisciplinary geoscience data management, including compilation, analysis and innovative interpretation of multiple geoscience datasets at a district, prospect and target scale.
  • Identify deficiencies in processes and help to implement corrective actions.


  • Lead compliance of activities with external (legislative, regulatory, permitting) local requirements as a minimum level of site performance.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental and social requirements, including commitments to stakeholders.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements within discipline on site.
  • Oversee investigation of incidents (SHEC) within the discipline.

Desired Experience & Qualification


  • Degree in geology or geosciences (required). Further study or development in relevant topics such as economic geology, geochemistry, structural geology, geophysics (desirable).
  • At least 8 years greenfields exploration experience combined with 4 years exploration project management
  • Must have good experience with base metals and NOT precious metals
  • Must be able to communicate in English and Portuguese is an added advantage

Technical knowledge

  • Operations: A minimum of 8 years’ experience in mineral exploration (required). In-depth understanding of different mineral systems and commodities, with a focus on sediment-hosted copper and magmatic Ni. New technologies and their impact on operational activities within scope of the role. Safety, Health and Environmental management.
  • Commercial: Up-to-date understanding of the competitor environment and connection to the local exploration community (developing). Basic financial metrics and budgeting tools (developing). Strong business principles and ethics.
  • Management: Exploration project management (proficient) including strategic planning of exploration, budgeting and project prioritization; leadership tools for creating a culture of purpose-led, high performance and change (developing); risk management and critical controls. Management of community relations (proficient)
  • Compliance: Internal and external compliance, e.g. SHEC, ethics & integrity (proficient), relevant Angolan statutory and regulatory requirements (developing).

The Remuneration is paid in US$ negotiable

If you are Interested Kindly send your CV to or contact 011 496 1430

This job is Expired