hr consulting

Running a Business is tough, managing your HR does not have to be

Boikago Recruitment is dedicated to helping all organisations with their HR activities. We have been working with a variety of clients from all industry sectors in South Africa for several years and our solutions, advice and guidance are uniquely designed and tailored around your exact requirements and objectives that will fit with your culture and business challenges, including your budget.

We believe in creating productive and rewarding relationships with our clients by adding value to their business and to ensure that you get the very best return on your HR spend.

We will provide you with a professional and customised solution and service, the convenience of a single point of contact to control HR operations like payroll, staff contracts, etc. This will allow you to focus on achieving your business goals.


Customised HR Solutions - Contracts, Staff Sourcing, Legislations, Policy

Customised and sophisticated payroll and reporting systems

Affordable and cost-effective Pricing

Owner-managed agency for that personal touch

Honest, reliable, accountable

Adherence to the APSO code of Ethics

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