training & skills development

Stay ahead of your competition by ensuring your staff are better equipped

Boikago Group is dedicated to helping all organisations with their Training & Skills Development. 

We have been working with a variety of clients from all industry sectors in South Africa for several years and our solutions, advice and guidance are uniquely designed and tailored around your exact training and skills development requirements and objectives. Our courses are designed to fit with your culture and business challenges, including your budget.

We believe that training courses form a vital part of skills development and benefit both the employee and the business to function more effectively and efficiently as one unit. Our Soft Skills Training courses fill a particularly essential role as they supply companies with new skills and ideas from experts outside of the organisation.

We will provide your staff with Soft Skills Training such as : Admin, Sales, Recruitment, Employee engagement, Change Management, Performance Management workshops, Effective Leadership workshops, Effective Team Building/Alignment Workshops, Bursars and Graduates – University and Workplace Survival Tool-kit Workshops, Employee “On-Boarding” coaching sessions, Designing Partnership Alliance (DPA) Workshop/Meeting, Safety Awareness/Improvement Workshops.


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