Posted time 11th September 2023 Location Port Elizabeth Job type Full-time
  • Experience: 10 years security management experience
  • Salary: R negotiable

An international automotive OEM is looking for a Head of Security to manage and lead their operations in South Africa    


  • Develop and “Live” the security vision and mission statements for the company Group Security Sub-Sahara Region
  • Lead security and fire risk management activities to enhance the value of the company and Group
  • Manage the development and implementation of Group Policy 13: Security minimum standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing alignment of security with the company Group Security.
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to mitigate risk, maintain continuity of operations and safeguard the company, its people, operations, executives, etc. Assure quality, consistency and efficiency of security processes for prevention, crisis response and within their area of responsibility. Plan, produce, introduce, update and approve security procedures/work instructions to meet developments and reduce the threat to the Company’s employees and assets.
  • Develop a security concept based on risk assessment, for the countries operate in Sub Saharan African Markets
  • In line with Group Policy 03: Whistleblower represent Group Security at the Whistleblower Committee and assist with investigations, assessment of information received, etc. and provide feedback where required.
  • Develop and implement the Crisis Management Organisational Structure and Global Database information for the organisation, including 100% shareholding in Sub Saharan countries.
  • Monitor the digitized travel security concept and amend where required to ensure efficiency.
  • Plan the Manpower and Capital (Equipment) requirements, produce an Overhead Budget for Cost Centre 4410
  • Approve the contractual security manpower complement and advise Security Budget requirements for the company Gauteng and Cape Town Security Operations.
  • Advise all Divisions on matters pertaining to Security.
  • Manage reasonable degree of Security awareness to minimize risk to employees, contractors, etc.
  • Advise/Negotiate with key stakeholders the implementation of appropriate strategic security measures for the company business operations in the African market.
  • Manage the security strategy pertaining to the Service Level Agreement to ensure a balanced and effective security approach.
  • Foster close cooperation with heads of security at other brands i.e. MAN SA and Scania SA
  • Verify and approve the security and fire protection cost invoices for the company, on a monthly basis.
  • Develop and update plans for the security of Executive Board Members Global Employees and their families, and introduce the necessary actions. Develop one Organisational Directive to include both items. This includes a security and anti-hijack awareness session with Global employees when commencing their assignment or during “look and see” trip.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Work with other executives to prioritize security initiatives and spending based on appropriate risk management and/or financial methodology.
  • Crisis Management, the Head of Security has the responsibility as the crisis team officer and hence participate and contribute as a key member of the Crisis Management Organisation to coordinate in the event of any security disaster/emergency.
  • Work with external consultants as appropriate for independent security audits.
  • Produce weekly feedback report on approved format document for the company Group Security.
  • Approve all security and fire detection/protection fittings and devices recommended by Planning Department for new projects.
  • Participate in planning meetings related to projects with a security and fire protection bias.
  • Assess security requirements for CAPEX and submit accordingly.
  • Verify and approve the Transport (Taxi) invoices. Evaluate utilisation and amend transport requirements accordingly, in negotiation with the Union(NUMSA)
  • Develop and sustain relationships with high-level law enforcement and security organizations and private sector counterparts to ensure a complete understanding of the security environment in the country.
  • Approve all procedures relating to the process of stolen Company vehicle recoveries and identification, on a countrywide scale.
  • Identify protection goals, objectives (MBO’s) and metrics consistent with corporate strategic plan.
  • Oversee incident response planning including the investigation of security breaches, and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches as necessary

Education and Experience    

  • Tertiary (Degree/Diploma) qualification in Security Risk Management, with focus on Business Management
  • 10 years minimum experience in the Security industry of which 5 years should be in a management role.
  • Comprehensive security experience in various security areas e.g. crisis management, investigations, operational security, international security exposure, etc.
  • Experience with security auditing, security risk management, as well as contract and vendor negotiation.

Skills, Attributes & Other requirements        


  • Capable of Managing, Advising, Guiding and Leading a security team
  • Management and Leadership skills
  • Negotiation and communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Decision making and good judgment skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Language – English. Basic Business German Speak and Read will be an advantage.
  • Able to communicate security-related concepts to a broad range of technical and non-technical staff.
  • Ability to operate effectively at all levels of the organization.


  • Please select highest qualification completed?
  • Please select field of study completed?
  • Please indicate relevant years of experience in the Security Industry?
  • Please indicate relevant years of experience in a management role?
  • Please select if you experience in the relevant Comprehensive security areas?
  • Do you have experience with security auditing, security risk management, as well as contract and vendor negotiation?

to apply send CV to before 10 Feb 2024

This job is Expired